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Upskilling the Nation with Certified Training Program

Upskilling the Workforce

CP PLUS, the global leader in the Security and Surveillance Industry, recognized that the workforce engaged in the installation and integration of CCTV cameras comes from a background of little to no technical knowledge. However, the surveillance industry has continued to grow at a steady CAGR of 20%, which is building a strengthening interest among the workforce to join the industry.

As an Industry Leader and India’s No. 1 CCTV Brand in the CCTV market, CP PLUS undertook the responsibility to Train and Upskill the Industrial workforce in March 2018 and aimed to enable them to find better business opportunities. The CP PLUS Corporate Training Division thus began the first of its Four kinds of training programs which entail Skilling, Upskilling, and enhancing Employability skills in the video surveillance industry. After 5 years of a successful run, the CP PLUS Corporate Training Division is still the only one of its kind in the entire security and surveillance industry which is engaged in the regular conduct of training programs to Skill and Upskill the CCTV Industry Workforce.

Mission Tech

Mission Tech is the flagship training program by CP PLUS, launched in September 2018 on a Pan-India basis. It is a 4-day Customer and System Integration (SI) oriented paid Certificate Training Program in due Collaboration with the Electronic Sector Skill Council of India (ESSCI) under the Skill India Mission. The CP PLUS Mission Tech Certificate Training Program is designed to train and skill/upskill Surveillance System Technicians and Installers on the Installation, Operation, and Maintenance of CP PLUS Products, designing Intelligent Security Solutions and providing lifetime sustenance for complete customer satisfaction. Thus far, CP PLUS has successfully trained and certified 2,500 installers and technicians under the Mission Tech initiative in affiliation with ESSCI.

Online Training & Webinar Program

These free of cost 2-3 hour long Webinars focus on imparting globally relevant surveillance solutions training to the System Integrators (SIs) and CP PLUS business partners; enhancing their skills for designing effective and efficient surveillance solutions; and enabling them to deliver customized and scalable Surveillance Solutions across verticals. Soon after its launch as the program gained hefty popularity and CP PLUS began conducting them regularly on a weekly basis not just in Hindi & English but in many regional languages across the country. Under the online training and webinar format, CP PLUS has efficiently upskilled and enhanced the technical threshold of more than 25000 (till Aug 2023) CCTV installers and technicians across the country hitherto.

Hands-on Training Workshops

To meet the aspirations of the young and novice CCTV Installers and Technicians and to further invest in the human capital that India enjoys to ensure that there is a competent and proficient workforce in the Security and Surveillance Industry, CP PLUS started conducting practical hands-on training workshops, free of cost, on a regular basis in all the 54 CP PLUS branches spread all over India. CP PLUS has successfully trained and certified over 5,000 CCTV Installers and Technicians under this program. In this program, the course is specially designed for the Indian environment so that system integrators and partners can deliver relevant solutions for the Indian market.

Partners Meet & Training (PMT) Program

To meet the increasing demand for physical interaction and hands-on tech experience in the post-Covid times, CP PLUS also commenced its Partners Meet & Training (PMT) Program, where a large number of (50-80) Installers and System Integrators are invited for a day’s workshop to impart and share both the theoretical and practical knowledge. The PMT Program, being free of Cost as well, has proven to be the most sought-after training format and has trained and professionally enhanced more than 12,000 Installers and Technicians in just 8 months.

Being the largest and the only Indian OEM holding a large share of the market, CP PLUS recognizes that outcome rules the day, and it must be measured in systematic and quantitative terms. The sheer number of people having been enabled to join the surveillance industry as trained and skilled professionals shows that in a span of just 5 years, the CP PLUS Training Programs and Workshops under the Corporate Training Division of CP PLUS have triumphantly enhanced the quality of the services provided by the professionals for the entire industry while also empowering people through effective training to find gainful employment in the field of Video Surveillance.

On feedback from the participants and on the basis of a check of Sales Volumes, it has been noted that CP PLUS was able to assist its System Integrators and Resellers to enhance their business of CCTV products by up to 300% after attending CP PLUS Training Programs and over the past 5 years, the brand has successfully trained more than Approx. 50,000 individuals conclusively.

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