About Us

About Us

With a proud heritage of over 3 decades, we have built enduring relationships that still stand tall as the inspiration behind our success.

About AIL

After launching CP PLUS over 17 years ago, Aditya Infotech Limited became India’s No. 1 surveillance brand with the most extensive CCTV & Security Products portfolio in the entire industry. AIL offers a wide range of products and services to meet the varied needs of government, commercial, residential, and industrial customers and its products are successfully deployed in every nook and corner of India in all vertical segments.

With a sprawling network of over 30,000 channel partners, 1800+ System Integrators, 54 branch offices & RMA Centers spanning every corner of the country, AIL brings cutting-edge surveillance closer to Indians everywhere.

Proudly aligned with the Prime Minister's vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat through the Make-in-India initiative, AIL had established its manufacturing facility for indigenous surveillance solutions in Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh. Today, our production capacity stands at over 2M million units per month, with ample room for further expansion, growth and lot of backward integration.

Setting roots deep in Indian soil, AIL has also established a local R&D Center in Noida and an Offshore Development Center in Manesar. These centers underscore our dedication to understanding and meeting the unique needs of the Indian market and the teams design & develop CCTV hardware, firmware, source code, with highest levels of cyber security incorporated inside the same.

AIL has also been actively involved in various training initiatives aimed at Skill Development & Capacity Building in the security industry. In collaboration with the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship, AIL undertook the formidable responsibility of upskilling and educating India's CCTV workforce. Under Mission Tech and other training programs organized by AIL, the brand has successfully engaged more than 50,000 participants nationwide.

The AIL vision is “To make the World safer, better, & secure for everyone, by providing & enabling the use of Best-in-World Video IoT Security Products, Solutions & Services”. And we strive to contribute towards the mission of our Honorable PM of Viksit Bharat by employing a 4000 manpower with more than 70% female workforce at our factory.

Life at AIL

What We Stand For

Our Mission

To become one of the Top 3 Global Surveillance Players - With widespread exports around the world, we aim to become a billion-dollar global enterprise - Strengthening our manufacturing and R&D capabilities further.

Our Vision

To make the world safer, better, and secure for everyone - by providing & enabling the use of Best-in-World Video IoT Security Products, Solutions, & Services.

Our Values


There are no secrets to success. All it takes is honest hard work.

Teamwork Culture

Talent wins games, but intelligent teamwork wins championships.

Breaking All Limits

Know your limits but never ever stop trying to exceed them.

Focus & Relationship

Instead of focusing on the competition, focus on the customer.

Corporate Philosophy

As we move towards bringing in more and more technological advancements, there is no limit to what we can achieve as a nation. Embracing new opportunities, we are keen to take our nation on the journey to the Above & Beyond.

More than merely enabling the public with reliable security, our aim is to enhance the quality of life we enjoy by turning to smart living while at the same time reaping the revolutionary benefits of business analytics, making our solutions much more than CCTVs to offer intelligent analytics never imagined before.

Delivering more than expected, we are producing products that can be seamlessly integrated into allied security needs and work in unison with each other to present a complete security infrastructure to help India grow.