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competence & competitiveness

DNA that encourages competence & competitiveness
World-Class Manufacturing Facility of Surveillance Devices

Shifting manufacturing to Kadapa, Andhra Pradesh, CP PLUS has tripled its production capacity to more than 2.5 Million units per month, making it India’s Largest Manufacturing Unit for Surveillance Products.

With the most advanced high-speed Fuji NXT III SMT lines, numerous HD as well as IP camera assembly lines, offline assembly lines, packaging lines, DVR FA lines, and an IC programming station, this production facility is the most advanced in the nation.

Spread over 50,000 sq. ft., it also comprises of reliability test equipment, a dark room for the aging test, and many leak test machines.

Having pursued delivering premium quality through conducting extensive research & development as the leading and only specialized Indian manufacturer of high-functioning surveillance devices, in 2022, CP PLUS became the first brand in the entire world anywhere outside of China to successfully produce the largest quantity of surveillance devices.

Integrated Manufacturing System From Production To Processing

The production of hi-tech surveillance solutions requires sophisticated knowledge and expertise at every stage of the manufacturing process from raw materials to packaging. To achieve this, we combine the experience we have acquired over the years.

A Comprehensive Quality Control System For Every Process

At our state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, we use systematic and centralized management to conduct strict quality inspections for each stage of the production process. A comprehensive quality control system featuring regular stringent tests helps to ensure that our products meet our customers’ expectations.

Total Management System Support High Quality

We have established a strict quality management system based on a wide range of Reliability Test equipment to ensure high-quality products are manufactured throughout. With the help of this, all our products have various certifications in Tenders and by Government agencies.

A Pioneer in the CCTV Industry

Supported by our state-of-the-art facilities that provide some of the world’s largest-scale production capacity as well as the widest portfolio of the product range backed by the latest technological advancements, we have established our brand as the unparalleled leader in the surveillance industry.

Diverse & Reliable Proposal-Development Capabilities

From researching the perfect design to delivering more than expected, we execute every step with the uttermost dedication. Based on a flexible, customized approach that caters to the needs of each project and the extensive data we have accumulated from our more than 25 years of experience, we strive to resolve all security challenges and offer new proposals that accurately and rapidly incorporate your needs.

Continuously Evolving Technical Capabilities

As technology grows with time and new possibilities are discovered, we also have grown to anticipate not just future requirements but also future developments that need to be brought to India to meet the same. In addition to leveraging these capabilities to create new products and develop new applications, we will foster a new era by focusing on crafting solutions that enhance the whole smart living experience.

World-Class Product Competitiveness

We continue to expand from electronics and general industry into cutting-edge fields and to keep up this trend, we supply world-class products that leverage our know-how in areas such as designing and manufacturing hi-tech solutions, precision processing at the micro level, providing advanced functionality, and high-added value to suit different applications.