Research & Development

In-House R&D Capabilitiese

Our expertise is unmatched and our commitment is infinite. We are devoted to keep delivering more than expected around the clock.

Reclaiming Technological Prominence

Since the very first day, our resolute commitment to cater to the public with excellence found nowhere else has made us the most trusted brand in the country and helped us position ourselves as India’s No. 1 surveillance brand.

Having incorporated high standards of technology in our production process and an enterprising spirit, we are devoted to reinvesting heavily into R&D to keep developing better solutions while exploring the potential of IoT to create more value for our users.

Making the impossible come true & mastering the full potential of smart living to create new customer value

In-House R&D Team proactively caters to the dynamic market demands.

Considering Customer Value Together to Create New Products - Delivering innovative products & services

At CP PLUS, our development management system is focused on the creation of innovative products and services. We undertake a lengthy array of work from basic and applied research to mass production development.

We also take on the challenge of new technological fields and propose new values for our customers, which also enables us to respond more comprehensively to the growing needs of the time.

Developing New Products for the Next Generation - Anticipating future developments to create value

We are constantly refining our creative abilities so that we can turn your dreams into reality. Our devoted efforts aimed at rapid value-creation ensure not just that your dreams are secure but also that they empower the coming generations. We are determined to develop products that don't just cater to the security needs of the current time but also deliver an enhanced smart living experience tomorrow.

Product Specification
  • Documentation of product design
  • Costing of components and sourcing
  • Roadmap of product life cycle
  • Gauging market demand
Engineering Validation & Testing
  • Firmware & application development
  • Server integration
  • Creation of prototype
Design Validation & Testing
  • Hardware and software integration
  • Beta testing for ironing out bugs
Production Validation & Testing
  • Rigorous testing iterations for checking operating performance
  • Production trial runs for checking manufacturing process efficiency
  • Final software release after eliminating all bugs
Mass Production
  • Regular monitoring with numerous quality checks
  • Sample testing for detecting and fixing defective products
  • Cost optimization process for reducing manufacturing costs
Regular Monitoring
  • Regular software upgrades & bug fixes to ensure smooth user experience
  • Phasing out products at end-of-life cycle

In-House Quality Control

A dedicated in-house quality control team ensures unwavering focus on quality across the wide spectrum of products offered

Basic Inspection
  • Colour
  • Housing material
  • Matching specifications
  • Label printing
Quality Inspection
  • Light test
  • Lens focus test
  • IR board and sensor check
  • Waterproofing
  • Audio test
  • Drop test
Packaging Inspection
  • Camera box printing
  • Logo printing
  • Carton label check
  • Manual check
  • Hologram check
  • Packaging of right accessories
Detailed Report on Anomalies
  • A dedicated team based out of Noida that undertakes the most stringent processes.