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CP PLUS Enhances Security with Thermal Cameras and COVID-19 Products

Date: 11/08/2021

In these times of distress, economies are failing and people are suffering in ways hitherto unimaginable. The current pandemic has taken a toll which has become menacious to tens of thousands across the nation and has brought us all to stand in the shadows of confusion and desperation. But CP Plus, India’s leading brand in the security and surveillance industry, has come up with a range of Thermal and COVID-19 specific products because one can’t always see the ‘chemical and biological’ threat. 

To screen temperatures of a crowd from a distance, a wide array of solutions have been developed by CP Plus under two different categories. The first entails devices like the Body Temperature Detection Network Camera, a Portable Blackbody, 32 Ch. H.265+ 4k NVR Powered by AI, a broad choice of Handheld Thermal Cameras. The second is the Temperature Screening Solution Range, which involves the Wrist Temperature Screening Solution, Wrist Temperature Screening Measurement Kit with Face Recognition and a variety of Infrared Thermometer Screening Guns.
The thermometer gun can be used as a consumer product, for testing or surveying people on the move in any place. The thermometer gun is mainly composed of a plastic shell, an infrared temperature sensor, a MCU, a buzzer and a LCD display with battery. It is used for measuring people individually, which means one person at a time and is designed to complete 16 persons’ temperature measurement in 16 seconds. It needs to be placed 3cm away to detect the temperature, which means that no contact is to be made and provides a digital temperature detection with an offline camera. It comes with an infrared probe and is distinctly effective for rapid measurement.
The benefits of thermal imaging are plenty as you can identify the problem without causing any further damage; it gives you a detailed thermal image of the situation such as the detection of missing or defective insulation, locates water infiltration in flat roofs, detects construction failures among the others; it tells you exactly and precisely what needs to be fixed; helps you find faults before the real problem occurs; and saves you valuable time and money. It also enables the screening of human facial temperatures, the detection of defects in photovoltaic cells, and the thermal inspection of a window installation. 
This thermal imaging technology provided by CP Plus can be applied to a number of scenarios and conditions such as at times of electrical maintenance, during construction, solar maintenance, for temperature measurement, during plumbing and also fire fighting. 
The key features of this are: accurate and automated temperature measurement; collects abnormal persons’ portrait automatically; detects body temperature of upto 30 targets simultaneously; automatically records the abnormal temperature data; comes with an optical zoom lens 2.8 to 12mm; also provides a number of IVS functions such as smart body detection, perimeter, virtual fences etc.
CP Plus has introduced a diverse range of Thermal Network Cameras with varied applications suitable to specific purposes. The first in the list is SOHO applications, which enables a direct connectivity of the camera to a laptop/PC (with client software) and it can be used as a standalone system. The second is the Multi Location Setup, which means that the thermal camera can be installed in multiple locations providing access of reports and management at a centralized location.
The Temperature Analysis Process is highly effective and can be utilized for temperature measurements and face recognition, provides over temperature real-time warnings, and enables the checking and analysis of data as well using just the mobile app. 
The thermal network solution can be installed in places where 500 or more employees need to move in and out, for places that are accustomed to a regular in and out of heavy crowds and for all the critical places such as the airports, railway and bus stations among the others. Whereas, the handheld thermal camera devices are meant to be used in places where a moderate flow of people is seen like banks, small companies, schools, restaurants and such.  
Another one of the marvelous solutions CP Plus has come up with is the Wrist Temperature Screening Solution. The company has an integrated wrist temperature screening measurement system. It consists of temperature measurement along with an image acquisition system, date storage and business showing system with HD displays.
The wrist temperature screening solution is highly accurate and provides instant notifications for abnormal temperatures, it enables retrieval of different reports. The system is also quite cost effective and very easy to deploy. The integrated wrist temperature screening measurement system comes with a face detection camera and different modules for display, temperature measurement and recording. 
The wrist temperature screening solution can be applied at small factories, universities and campuses, office entrance lobbies, mall entrances, hotels and cinema houses as the new cost effective thermal solution is meant for places with a few hundred (less than 500) people.
The temperature measurement sensor receives wrist temperature information and indicates the rise in temperature at the temperature detection terminal using an electromotive force that occurs in the electrical circuit. It also calculates the temperature value based on the electromotive force. 
The wrist temperature screening measurement kit with face recognition is tremendously advantageous because it enables an accurate measurement of temperature as well as face recognition with temperature metadata, it is small in size but is greatly reliable, provides high efficiency as it can screen 20 to 30 people per minute, it also detects those who are not wearing a mask and locks support for access control.

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